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Walker Coasters (pair)

Original price $12.24 - Original price $12.24
Original price $12.24
$12.60 - $12.60
Current price $12.60
Walker Coaster Design Replaces Tennis Balls Wheels And Rubber Tips On Walker Legs * Coasters Glide Smoothly Over Doorways Sidewalks And Carpets * Walker Coasters Fit Standard 1 Tubing * No Tools Required For Assembly * Bright And Easy To See Color * Smooth And Durable Plastic * Glides Easily Over Cement Carpet Or Linoleum Floors * Slides In All Directions * Unique O-ring Helps Coasters Stay Snug To Walker Legs In All Temperatures * Protective Shields Prevent Coasters From Getting Stepped On Becoming Caught In Doorways/thresholds Collecting Water Dirt Debris * Color: Tennis Ball Yellow * Polybag With Header Card