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Thera-band Hand Xtrainers Red Beginner

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Original price $22.42
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Ultimate Hand Therapy Tool Available In Four Progressive Densities * Its Intuitive Design With Built-in Recovery Allows For Optimal Form Making It The Perfect Tool For Home Exercise * For In-clinic Use The Hand Xtrainers Is Easy To Clean Between Patients * The Patented Formula Supports Hot And Cold Therapy So It Feels More Comfortable In Patients Hands * Latex-free Material Means Its An Ideal Option For Users With Latex Sensitivities * Cross Functional Device With Applications Ranging From Rehab To Stretching And Strength Training * Supports A Variety Of Finger Hand Wrist And Forearm Exercises Making It An Ideal Replacement To Putty And An Economical Alternative To Hand Extensors * Patented Formula Supports Hot / Cold Therapy Ease Of Use And Optimal Form * Economical And Intuitive; Ideal For Home Exercise * Progressive For Clear Measure Of Progress * Supports Broader Range Of Exercises * Clean And Professional *