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Door Knob Extender Bag-2

Original price $55.88 - Original price $55.88
Original price $55.88
$57.55 - $57.55
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Works As Well As More Expensive Doorknob Levers And Is Easier To Install * For Left Or Right Hand Use * 5 Extension Handle Converts A Doorknob Into A Door Lever Providing Extra Leverage For People With Limited Hand Function * The Extender Fits Over A Standard Doorknob And Allows Complete Access To Keyholes * A Cord Or String Can Be Inserted Through The Unique Handle Slot Making Doorknobs Easier To Access For People With Limited Reach * Fits Round Doorknobs From 2 1/8 - 2 3/8 Diamter * Can Be Installed Using Only A Screwdriver - No Special Tools Required * Easy To Clean *