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Classic Chair Sensor Pad 1-year 7 X15

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1 Year Model * 7 X15 * This Weight-sensitive Pressure Pad Is For Chair Monitor Use * When Connected The Pressure Pad Will Trigger The Monitor When Weight Is Removed From The Pressure Pad Alerting The Caregiver To Respond * The Alarm Will Automatically Reset When The Patient Returns To The Safe Position Reducing False Alarms * All Pads Are Constructed With Durable Vinyl Cover Moisture Resistant And Easy To Clean * Classic Chair Sensor Pads Can Be Used On A Variety Of Chairs And Wheelchairs * ? Pads Work With All Major Manufacturers Alarm Monitors (including Ump/ Microtech Smart Alimed Direct Supply Attendant & Graham Field) * Slim Design Helps Patients Avoid The Discomfort Associated With Other Pads * Excellent Sensor Function Warns Caregivers Of Patients Attempting To Leave Chair Or Bed Earlier Than Most Other Pads * Thicker Pads Are More Comfortable Sensitive And More Effective For Lighter Patients And For Patients Who Use Them For Extended Periods * Large Pad Size Helps Reduce False Alarms