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Advanced Wc And Bed Alarm W-45 Day Sensor Pad

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Automatically Resets When Pressure Is Reapplied To The Sensor Pad * Top Mounted Flashing Lights Helps To Verify That The Monitor Is Armed (slow Green Flash) And Locate The Monitor When Alarming (fast Red Flash) - Perfect For Nighttime Use * Hidden Dual Button Reset Helps Deter Resident Tampering While Offering Easy Access For Staff * Simply Switch The Control On The Alarm And Turn It Into A Floor Sensor Monitor * Meets Jcaho (joint Commission On Accreditation Of Healthcare Organizations) Guidelines * Alarm Is Always In The On Position Making It Impossible For Staff To Forget To Turn The Alarm On And Preventing The Alarm From Being Accidentally Turned Off * Can Be Used With Most Companies Bed And Chair Sensor Pads As Well As Both Velcro And Buckle Seatbelt Sensors And With Proactive?s Floor Sensor Pads * Mounting Bracket Easily Attaches To Practically All Wheelchairs And Beds * Easily Detachable Strap Offers The Facility More Mounting Options * Avoid Having To Replace Sensor Pads Because Of Ripped Cords * Low And High Volume Option Offers The Caregiver The Option To Adjust The Alarm To The Required Volume * Different Tones Allow You To Choose The Sound That Works For You * Optional Screw To Close The Battery Cover Making The Alarms Controls Only Accessible To Facility Staff * 0-2 Second Delay Options Helps Reduce False Alarms (for Restless Residents) * Pad-floor Option Enables All Alarms To Work With Floor Sensor Pads * Low Battery Alert * Multiple Alarm Tones * Standard Color Black * Operates On One 9v Battery (included) * 1 Year Warranty * Includes 45 Day Classic Chair Sensor Pad 7 X15